Easiest way to treat your food waste.

Designed for the right cause. Built with the best design. Making the finest compost.

LykoClean, made for a cleaner tomorrow. LykoClean creates thoughtful products that empower our users to easily and effectively reduce their carbon footprint.

As we witness the concerning rise in global temperatures caused by greenhouse emissions from landfills, the call to action has never been louder.

Our product, the LykoClean Kitchen Composter shortens the process of composting food waste down to as little as 2 hours, and decreases their mass by up to 90%. This reduces the reliance of food waste on landfills and incineration.

Our composters not only help to reduce landfills and greenhouse gas emissions, but also improve the health of plants and the soil they thrive in.

The LykoClean Promise

  • At LykoClean, we believe that huge impacts come from small acts of compassion.
  • We promise to take no more than 10% net profit on our product sales. All extra proceeds will be donated at the end of each financial year to the environmental charity of our community’s choice.
  • We would like to invite you to join us on this path towards a greener future.

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