Lifestyle Upgrades

Save money

Reduce waste disposal costs by up to 90%.

Save the planet, and your wallet. Spend less on trash pickup and trash bags with every cycle.

Carbon-neutral is the new black

Carbon-neutral is the new trend.

Neutrality is the new bold; make sure you don't fall behind.

improve your garden's health

Your waste's biggest enemy and your plants' best friend.

Turn your food waste into nutritious soil for your garden or plants.

Do more by doing less.

Lykoclean get the job done in as little as 2 hours.

Sit back. Relax. And we'll do all the work for you.

Do your part. Think clean and go green.

Continuing growth of the greenhouse emission at today's rate could lead to additional global warming of about 2.7F degrees. - NASA

our customers’ reviews

I finally bought this and I’m so happy that I did! I feel much less guilty about wasted food that I can’t finish. A lot of food scraps can also go in the bin. Moldy bread, coffee grounds and small chunks of watermelon rinds are great for the LykoClean composter. The more you use it, the more you get a feel for what you can put in the bin for consistent compost.

Jason Susnoskie

This product is awesome. I don’t have to take out the stinky trash every night, nor do I have to make frequent runs to Home Depot for fertilizers in the winter.

Jessica Petruce

With my family of four, I run this anywhere from every day to every other day. Although it is expensive, it works wonders!
I was skeptical about the activated charcoal filter being able to completely irradicate odor, but it’s true! As long as you shut the lid and have the composter turned on, it’s really odorless.

Candy Wu

I used this to compost fruit and veggies, and it’s wonderful. If you’re vegan or vegetarian like me and has a small backyard garden, I would strongly recommend this.

Danie Watson

Very impressed and easy to use. Can’t wait to use this in the winter months when outdoor composting just isn’t possible.

Jennifer Weidman

This product is great, and I love being able to turn food waste into something useful for my garden and plants. It’s much quieter than my dishwater while it’s running so I run it while I’m in bed. Going green isn’t a dream,
but happens while I’m in my dreams!

Lisa Wang

I love this indoor composting during the winter months. Our outdoor composting container lid is frozen and covered by snow. This is just so convenient and doesn’t have any downsides from traditional composting.

Holly Marken

This works magically! LykoClean turns food waste into nutrients in a matter of hours and... the best part? It doesn't smell bad at all!

Becky Black

The LykoClean composter is easy to use, produces high-quality compost, and much cheaper than other products on the market. Its activated charcoal filter makes this short process odorless.

Rita James

I’m new to composting and LykoClean made it easier than taking out the trash every night.

Caitlin McNelson

It’s hard to find a kitchen composter that has higher value for money.

Barbra Streisand